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CTI Applications

Concrete Technology Incorporated

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Say Goodbye to cracked, pitted and stained concrete! Get the look of brick, cobblestone, slate, tile or one of many other designs. You’ll see amazing results on your Old or New concrete driveway, sidewalk or patio! Great for interior floors as well! Now existing concrete surfaces can take on the look, feel and durability of marble, title, stone or brick… without the expense of removing and replacing the original surface! We even offer CTI product buy back for any unused CTI products.

  • Superior Adhesive Strength
  • Stain Resistant
  • Flexible
  • Weather Resistant
  • Can be feathered to zero
  • Freeze/ Thaw Resistant

Designs, Colors & techniques are limited only by your imagination!

Brak-Hard Concrete Finishing and CTI Inc. can resurface the way to endless styles and savings that will enhance your home or business. It stands up tough to all climate and weather conditions for years to come. Brak-Hard Concrete makes it fast, easy and inexpensive to beautify and restore virtually any surface with proven durability and long-lasting results: exterior or interior, commercial or residential. Brak-Hard Concrete can repair and improve almost any existing concrete surface and provide decorative and extremely durable solutions to concrete. Limitless colors, combined with an array of designs and textures offer almost maintenance-free results that will stand-up tough to mildew, water, salt, oil, and most other common stains.

  • High Traffic Areas: Cracking and staining disappear, to restore and give new life to high-traffic areas.
  • Physical Strength Properties: Compressive, flexural, tensile strength as well as shear bond adhesion almost twice that of ordinary concrete.
  • Walkways: Brak-Hard Concrete leaves new and existing walkways smooth and attractive.
  • Basements: An interior application can give new meaning and purpose to any room, with custom colors, designs, and a combination of styles to meet your taste and budget.

Just a few more great reasons to use CTI:

  • Savings of up to 50% when compared to replacement options
  • Installation with minimal disturbance and inconvenience
  • Applications from 2 inches thick to the thinness of a dime
  • Insulation value both cool and warm
  • Special nonskid surfaces available
  • Stronger than ordinary cement
  • Endless colors, designs, textures and patterns
  • Endures northern freeze-thaw cycles and desert heat
  • Lasting solution to high-traffic areas

ALL WORK GUARANTEED — Ask your authorized dealer for details

Brak-Hard Concrete has a total of 108 years of concrete experience to draw on among its concrete associates to handle that concrete solution you are looking for.

CTI Technical Specifications